Thursday, November 7, 2013


This post is long overdue. Sorry if you have been waiting so long...

A few updates first.

Its almost the end of the year and right now there are no students coming to school, so no teaching.Yeah.

Not that I don't like my students or teaching but its good to take a break and just go to school and do nothing. Well I don absolutely do nothing, I clean up the mess I made for the year ;) as well prepare stuff for teaching for next year.

I have some really good and cool colleagues that I enjoy hanging out with. Pn Rani ,Pn Sibyl,Pn Charanjeet, Pn Shalini,Pn Manjeet and Pn Arul. So we try to make plenty of noise in the staffroom and celebrate by eating and having fun. Thank God for great colleagues.

Anyways as I write this, I recalled Don Moen concert live in Malaysia on the 5th of Nov 2013. It was simply fabulous and I thank God Andrew agreed to buy me the tickets. I would like to share a few things that Don Moen taught.

firstly is that we are blessed so much in our lives because there are so many ppl praying for us. He shared how he struggled for two years after leaving his recording company to be close to God. He couldn't sing or write anymore. And one of his prayer intecessors who was constantly praying for Him encouraged him to write again n he did.Thus  he produced one of his latest cds Unchartered Waters. Its so beautiful and I resonate so much with it cos I feel tat I am in a dry and weary land since the birth of Jude. My prayer life has spiral down due to lack of time and sleep and I often God is it enough.

Hearing his testimony helped me to realise that I am not alone and that God is still in control of my desert time. So I am offering this time to Him and praying that He will mould me His way.
Hearing Don Moen share his story has also helped me to open up and share with Andrew n my cell group members re this stuggle of mine.Thank you Don Moen for your transparency.

Secondly , he told us to thank people personally by the end of this week who has always been praying for us. So I am gonna set aside time this week to thank people who has always been praying for me.

One last thing on my heart before I sign off, whenever Jude or myself fall sick which both of us are right now, I always ask God to show me what is he trying to tell me. The answer I get is NURTURE and be 100% present.

That's what I am gonna do right now whenever I am with Jude. Nurture him and be completely there. Spirit , soul , body and mind.

More of that in the next post.

Actually this post was not what I had in mind but I like it that way when God takes control of my fingers and I just move along with His flow.

Till next time

Sheena Leslie

Friday, September 6, 2013

Touched by my students

They say teachers play an important role in a students life.

To shape their mind and thinking, to mould their character and much more.

For me, I find that students too play an important role in a teachers life.

I say this because I have experienced it.

My 2012 5A students and some students from other classes  showed me the love and care I needed , not to mention their support and kindness when I pregnant. I know that I couldn't have done it without them and I honestly thank God for such wonderful and amazing students who showed me that students can also make a difference in their teacher's life.

Until today, I think so fondly of them and miss them so much.

So 5A, this post is a tribute to you all.

I pray that God will fill your heart with DREAMS

and FAITH gives you the COURAGE to dare to do GREAT things

Thank you for always being there for me. 

Love always,

Pn Sheena